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About Casa Pacifica Inn

New Mexico has, for literally centuries, been a place of healing.  It is the place of relief for sufferers of arthritis or people with lung problems, but especially for people whose souls ache.  From the healing waters of Ojo Caliente hot springs to the Sanctuario de Chimayo, known as the Lourdes of North America, there are forces in New Mexico that compel people to seek and find balm for their wounds.  Santa Fe has been the heart of it all for at least 400 years.  Native Americans believe it has been so for much, much longer and  Casa Pacifica Inn is in the heart of Santa Fe.  
Since 1986 I have lived in, loved and improved Casa Pacifica, which means House of Peace.  I have recently improved my casa by bringing my friend of 19 years, Maryann DeStefano, on board to focus our energies even more on connecting my guests to the best healing modalities in Santa Fe and in New Mexico.  One of Maryann’s great talents is listening wholeheartedly with the intention to understand the guest's needs and wishes. Her great enthusiasm for alternative healing therapies is what drew her to Santa Fe. She has an extensive understanding of much of what is available from acupuncturists and body workers to trauma release therapists and shamanic healers.
Both Maryann and I have studied the healing power of foods and herbs. We no longer serve a traditional breakfast. Many of our guests have very specific individual dietary preferences. Instead, we provide a concierge service in which all the guest's requested items are stocked in their room prior to their arrival.  
Casa Pacifica is itself made of earth and trees.  It is made of adobe with wood ceilings and floors. We use only white vinegar and baking soda for cleaning and use eco-friendly detergents for linens and towels.   Casa Pacifica rooms and suites are equipped with private steam saunas with aromatherapy reservoirs. The mandala designs and custom tile work are conducive for meditation and contemplation. 
In our Spirit of service, we continually evolve our services to respond to the unique needs and desires of the health-conscious, soul-improvement/wellness seeking traveler.
Linda Ross, Owner