Santa Fe Restaurants Nearby The Inn

Here are some of the nearby Santa Fe restaurants we recommend when you visit.  They ordered by direction and distance from the inn with a link to a map for directions. 


A New American restaurant with an upscale atmosphere. The restaurant is housed in a local Pueblo located between the Santa Fe Plaza and the Railyard District.  It serves New Mexican fusion food. Reservations are suggested

Distance: 0.33 Miles E
(505) 955-7805

A small, create your own salad bistro which also serves soup and sandwiches. With innovative and interesting flavors, you can get comfort food that is both nutritious and delicious. In addition, it includes a colorful, modern wine bar.  Vinaigrette is found just east of Railyard Park and the International Folk Art Market.

Distance: 0.5 Miles E
(505) 820-9205

A sports bar that serves gastropub fare and frequently features live music. Designer cocktails and food are served until 1:30 AM. This restaurant is located in the Santa Fe Railyard Arts District.

Distance: 0.5 Miles E
(505) 988-7222
Radish and Rye

A New American restaurant with an upscale atmosphere. Radish and Rye has the best whiskey selection in Santa Fe and serves equally fantastic food. Reservations are suggested

Distance: 0.5 Miles E
(505) 930-5325
Restaurant Martin

A refined New American restaurant with a modern and bright atmosphere. There is wine available and food is prepared by James Beard, an award winning chef

Distance: 0.5 Miles E
(505) 820-0919
Dragon Room Lounge

Voted one of the top 19 bars in the world, The Dragon Room is a comfy outdoor and indoor bar where trees grow through the room! With cocktails, American food and margaritas available, the atmosphere of the Dragon Room Lounge is a must-eat restaurant in Santa Fe!

Distance: 1 Miles E
(505) 983-7712
315 Restaurant and Wine bar

A romantic French restaurant perfect for a fancy date near the Santa Fe Plaza. Reservations are recommended

Distance: 1 Miles E
(505) 986-9190

A global, southwestern fusion restaurant with an elegant atmosphere which featured on the Santa Fe margarita trail. Reservations are recommended

Distance: 1 Miles E
(505) 984-7915
The Compound

A fine dining New American restaurant set inside a cozy adobe. The food is excellent, and alcohol is served. Reservations are suggested

Distance: 1.5 Miles E
(505) 982-4353

A new american restaurant situated inside of an adobe home from 1756. The decor is minimalist, and, rated among the top 100 restaurants in the country, the food is world-class. With healthy options and outdoor seating, Geronimo is a great spot for a fancy night out.

Distance: 2 Miles E
(505) 982-1500
Milad Persian Bistro

A casual Middle Eastern restaurant with a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Alcohol is not served

Distance: 2 Miles E
(505) 303-3581
El Farol

A bar and Tapas restaurant with lots of live music and dancing. El Farol serves great food and a wide variety of drinks, and sometimes features live Flamenco music!

Distance: 2 Miles E
(505) 983-9912

Andiamo is an upscale Italian restaurant which serves wine, gourmet pizza, great coffee and desserts. Reservations are suggested

Distance: 0.5 Miles NE
(505) 995-9595

A Northern New Mexican restaurant that serves southwest and american dishes. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and lively. Reservations are suggested

Distance: 0.5 Miles NE
(505) 983-5721
Cuchara del Inca

A Latin American restaurant which serves peruvian food, using authentic peruvian recepies in a casual atmosphere.

Distance: 0.5 Miles NE
(505) 666-1577

An upscale mexican restaurant with a rustic-chic, casual atmosphere. Only half a mile away from the inn

Distance: 0.5 Miles NE
(505) 467-8624
Joseph's of Santa Fe

A highly rated, elevated New American restaurant known for it's elegant atmosphere. Wine and food is served here, and resservations are recommended

Distance: 0.75 Miles NE
(505) 982-1272

A french and southwest fusion restaurant. This restaurant is a foodie's delight, with a wide variety of fascinating dishes. Reservations are recommended

Distance: 0.75 Miles NE
(505) 989-1919
Bouche Bistro

A Parisian french restaurant which serves authentic french fare. The restaurant's atmospher is romantic and elegant, and reservations are reccommended

Distance: 0.75 Miles NE
(505) 982-6297
Cafe Pasqual's

An eclectic southwestern restaurant with a casual vibe, Cafe Pasqual's is situated in a historice adobe and offers a community table. The restaurant is colorful and also features an art gallery.

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 983-9340

Sazon is a dimly lit elevated Latin American restaurant with specialty cocktails. To top it all off, the staff are incredibly helpful, knowledgable and friendly!

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 983-8604
Trattoria A Mano

Trattoria A Mano is an elegant Italian and New american restaurant. It's a great place for an upscale night out with a sophisticated atmosphere. Reservations are suggested

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 982-3700
Coyote Cafe

An elegant New American restaurant which serves fantastic food, craft beers and wine. It has a romantic atmosphere, and reservations are suggested

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 983-1615
The Matador

A casual, cash only bar which serves only drinks but has great cocktails and a casual atmosphere.

Distance: 1 Miles NE
Secreto Lounge

A refined bar which serves only drinks, but has some fantastic cocktails made with fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 983-5700
Tia Sophia

A southwestern, no-frills diner which serves some of the Santa Fe region's favorite foods. In addition, Tia Sophia is home of a famously hot chili recipe

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 983-9880
Dolina Bakery and Cafe

A slovakian insipred cafe which serves a wide variety of comfort foods in a casual atmosphere.

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 982-9394
Del Charro

A Tex-Mex restaurant with a western style atmosphere, which serves large portions and is open until midnight. A large selection of drinks are available

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 954-0320

An upscale and innovative restaurant with a romantic and elegant vibe, in which the chef can prepare special meals upon request. Reservations are recommended

Distance: 1 Miles NE
(505) 988-3236
Low 'n Slow Lowrider Bar

A casual southwestern restaurant which serves great food and a huge variety of different kinds of drinks. The bar and lounge is also completely car themed.

Distance: 1.25 Miles NE
(505) 988-4900
El Meson

An elegant restaurant and tapas bar which frequently features live flamenco music and a variety of drinks. Reservations are recommended

Distance: 1.25 Miles NE
(505) 983-6756
Chez Mamou

A traditional french restaurant with a casual atmosphere which serves wine and Julia Child type classic recipies made by a Parisian chef. Reservations are recommended

Distance: 1.4 Miles NE
(505) 216-1845
Palacio Cafe

A cafe with a casual atmosphere which serves hot and cold sandwiches. Palacio is the perfect place to grab a quick bite to eat!

Distance: 1.5 Miles NE
(505) 989-3505

A fine dining, american-style restaurant which serves gourmet food and a wide variety of drinks. The restaurant is situated inside an 1850 historic adobe with romantic ambiance. Reservations are suggested

Distance: 1.5 Miles NE
(505) 984-1788

Izanami is an upscale Japanese restaurants in a beautiful mountain setting. They offer sake, craft beer, and all kinds of traditional Japanese foods, minus sushi. Reservations are recommended

Distance: 5 Miles NE
(505) 982-9304
La Choza

Founded in 1953, La Choza is a New Mexican restaurant with a casual atmosphere. Reservations are suggested

Distance: 0.5 Miles S
(505) 986-0022

A casual, lively french restaurant which serves pastries and food. A good desination for fine dining; reservations are recommended

Distance: 1 Miles S
(505) 988-1809
Paper Doza

A south indian restaurant with a casual atmosphere, which serves upscale south indian fare. Reservations are recommended

Distance: 1 Miles S
(505) 930-5521
Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen

A casual global fusion restaurant with healthy, delicious food and a good selection of beverages.

Distance: 1.4 Miles S
(505) 795-7383
Chocolate Maven

A cozy eatery which features coffee, tea, pastries and entrees. Breakfast dishes here are something amazing, and the service is great as well.

Distance: 2 Miles S
(505) 984-1980
The Pantry

A Northern New Mexican restaurant which serves all kinds of classic regional dishes. The setting is casual and reservations are not taken

Distance: 1.75 Miles SE
(505) 986-0022
Rowley Farmhouse Ales

A casual restaurant which serves farm to table comfort food. The restaurant's founders and management are led by women

Distance: 2.5 Miles SE
(505) 428-0719

A southwestern barbeque restaurant with a casual vibe which serves comfort food, and frequently hosts live music. Cowgirl is popular among tourists and locals alike!

Distance: 0.5 Miles SW
(505) 982-2565

A dimly-lit, buzzy lounge straight out of the 1920's which serves coctails and creative comfort food. Usually has live jazz performances, and great drinks.

Distance: 1 Miles SW
(505) 982-1189
Jambo Cafe

An African homestyle restaurant with a variety of interesting dishes including jerk chicken, wraps and goat stew. Jambo Cafe has won numerous awards, including best soup at the Souper Bowl for four years straight!

Distance: 2 miles Miles SW
(505) 473-1269
Tune Up Cafe

A homey cafe which serves interesting breakfasts, and local lunch and dinner dishes. Available at the Tune Up Cafe are a variety of dishes bound to please any crowd, including duck hash!

Distance: 0.33 Miles W
(505) 983-7060
Mucho Gusto

A casual, classic mexican restaurant rated highly for their great service. With a homey, humble atmosphere, Mucho Gusto offers anything from taquitos to fajitas.

Distance: 1.25 Miles W
(505) 955-8402